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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Upgrade to TheRebbe.org

A small but significant upgrade has been done to the TheRebbe.org. The site is now included in the general site layout like the rest of Chabad.org, retaiming the left navigation and headers so that you can continue to browse the rest of the Chabad.org sections.

This trend follows the integration of www.Passover.org, VirtualShavuot.org, and other sections.

You will also notice a lot more branding of Jewish Educational Media in TheRebbe.org, which reflects new content being added there from JEM.

By the way, check out one of the highlights of the site: The Timeline Biography...


At 11/12/06, 11:14 PM, Anonymous just tryin' to help! said...

very nice, just a few comments:

1) because of the change- that the whole chabad.org left bar is included in these sites as well- there is left a blank space at the bottom of the home page.. all three of them..

2) the shavuot page isnt that nice (as the passover.net site.. which btw is a beautifull site, and maybe change the date for this year already..)

and third: maybe include a direct link to the works of the Rebbe, like the one that exists from : http://www.therebbeanappreciation.org/.

the already exsisting link is: http://store.kehotonline.com/index.php?action=help&helpfile=rebbe.htm


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