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Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Main Sections Features Box

A new feature added to the front pages of many of our main sections is a new "Features" box. This box will automatically display the current features of that section. For example, the Daily Life and Practice section now displays the fantastic Tefillin campaign documentary as a portal to that section.

These "Features" boxes are in reality the new "Tabs" that appear on the home page of Chabad.org. Each tab will now appear in it's respective section too.

The sections that include this new improvement are: Daily Life & Practice, Society & Living, Ideas & Beliefs, Audio & Video, Spirituality and Library.

We hope this brings the content of the site together very nicely by featuring items of each section in their section, and also bringing it all together on the home page.

While we are at it, the left nav improvements that were implemented a few weeks ago deserve a mention: The new left nav "flyouts" displaying the vast depths of Chabad.org by conveniently opening up sub-menus, and also the return of the Magazine link in the left nav.


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