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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

17 Tammuz

Today is the 17th day in the Hebrew month of Tammuz. It is observerved as a fast day.

What happended today? From Today in Jewish History:
  • Moses Breaks Tablets (1313 BCE)
  • Temple Service Disrupted (423 BCE)
  • Jerusalem Walls Breached (69 CE)

Click here for all the details.

Featured articles related to 17 Tammuz:

The Great Squeeze
What do a garden hose nuzzle, a rocket, a hydraulic power plant, a shofar, and this article have in common? They all operate on the Pinch Principle

Cholent expresses our profound yearning to escape galut even as we acknowledge it as the most fruitful epoch of our history.

The Holy Temple
What was the Holy Temple? Why was it destroyed? Why do we want to see it rebuilt?

For complete coverage on 17 Tammuz, Tisha B'av and The Three Weeks, click here.


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