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Monday, October 29, 2007

Browsing by "Article Type"

If you're like many Chabad.org visitors, you probably enjoy reading the random new Questions that are posted each day to our Latest Questions section of the Ask The Rabbi site. New questions are posted each day by our editors from the most recent questions answered by our Ask the Rabbi team.

The questions are later moved to their appropriate sections throughout the site so that browsing the Tallis and Tzitzis site, for example, you can read "Why do some have a blue string in their tzitzit?"

We have now implemented a view so that you can browse all of them in one place, if you so desire. See this link. In this case you get over 600 results of these types of articles.

Similarly, the same was done for all of our recipes - 299 in all! See this link.

We plan to do this this for other sections as well.



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