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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pesach Sheni and Lag BaOmer

This workweek starts and ends on a high note. Today, Monday, is a semi-holiday called Pesach Sheni (the “Second Passover”). This Friday is another mini-holiday, Lag BaOmer, the anniversary of the passing of the author of the Zohar, the day when the floodgates of Jewish mysticism were opened wide.

While neither of these holidays are ritual-heavy, they both are laden with meaning and inspiration. Browse the links below to discover the inner meaning of second chances - the theme of Pesach Sheni - and the enriching powers of the Torah’s mystical teachings.

And as always, enjoy another week of browsing Chabad.org!

Pesach Sheni

Holiday Mini-Site: The Second Passover

A Second Chance

Lag BaOmer

Holiday Mini-Site: Revealing the Esoteric Soul of Torah

Lag BaOmer Event Search

What Is Kabbalah?

Lag BaOmer Parades


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