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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Your Opinion Wanted

The staff of Chabad.org strives to serve every Jew, no matter where he or she may be, with quality Jewish information and inspiration—and a dose of entertainment, too.

In recent days, our geographically scattered editorial team gathered in New York City for a two-day conference. During our time together we asked lots of questions, shared lots of ideas, and charted some of the future course of our website. With G-d's help, in the coming months you should notice improvements and new projects emanating from these discussions.

However, the bulk of our decisions are still waiting for you to weigh in on, as this site is yours:

How can we improve the site for you? What content are you seeking but cannot find? What can we do to make our presentation more user-friendly for you? How would you like to see Chabad.org develop and expand in the future?

Let your voice be heard. We assure you that we will read and consider seriously every suggestion.

Please click here to share you suggestions.


At 9/17/08, 2:17 PM, Anonymous Joshua said...

I search for article in your knowledge base. Lets say about Shabbat. Why cant I select that i want only articles written by Yanki Tauber or Tzvi Freeman? That would realy improve the search option!

At 9/17/08, 4:10 PM, Anonymous asher said...

~~the chabad.org weekly magazine should be a drop more publisized
on the same topic, it should be formated into a PDF file and designed accordingly

~~by the chabad centers to have a picture of the chabad house or the shliach it just makes it more alive

~~the high holiday website could get a bit more class/modern look to it (the other hoildays websites were recently redone and so should the high holidays)

~~why arent the questions and answers that are part of the archive of the questions that people asked in the same folder as the normal questions and answers


~~~also for example on the side bar ok lets take the first icon called society and living
so when u bring ur mouse to it so it opens a new so to say side bar and then the first thing there is society and living home and then the rest, so what im saying is that the first option ......home should be either a diffrent color or shaded diffrent and so to by the rest (like holidays ETC.)


At 9/18/08, 12:08 AM, Anonymous rivka said...

Agreed, the chitas-saying crowd is not your priority, but whenever I have a free minute online and want to learn some chitas, it takes me a good few minutes to find it.


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