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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monthly Recovery On Sale

Monthly Recovery On Sale
Monthly Recovery On Sale

Everyone loves a bargain. Try tapping into the Jewish calendar's spiritual energy as you work the Steps; it's bound to aid in Jewish Recovery.

By Susan T.

Jewish months don’t always correlate with the secular calendar. Somehow, though, they come close. Thus, during January, the Hebrew lunar month is mostly Tevet. February will coincide with Shevat, March with Adar, and so on. Judaism teaches that time has spiritual significance; Shabbat, holidays, and even months have distinct sanctity and spiritual messages. A closer look at these monthly messages shows intriguing correlations to 12 Step work. There are no coincidences in G-d’s world. Perhaps we Jews in recovery can draw strength from what our tradition teaches us about our place in cosmic time as we work the Steps.

Step One: January/Tevet - Powerlessness.

The main event of the month of Tevet is the siege of Jerusalem, which occurred about 2500 years ago, and ultimately led to the destruction of the Holy Temple. The tenth of Tevet marks the day that the protective walls around Jerusalem were breached. Think about it: foreign armies surround your city, depriving you of water, food, dignity. It’s unmanageable! Your walls can no longer protect you. You can’t live like this! Powerless!

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