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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The AP on Chabad.org Seder Directory

Check out the Associated Press story on the Chabad.org Seder Directory in their travel directory:

Wherever you are, there's a seder.

The International Seder Directory at http://www.chabad.org/seders lists hundreds of cities around the world where seders will be held by Chabad-Lubavitch, a Jewish outreach organization.


You can find a Chabad seder whether you're on spring break in St. Thomas, hosteling in Hanoi or touring Turkey. There will also be Chabad seders throughout Europe and on every continent, from Accra in Ghana, to Rio de Janeiro, to Tasmania and Surfers Paradise, in Queensland, Australia. Seders will be held on dozens of U.S. college campuses, and the Chabad seder in Katmandu, Nepal, typically attracts 1,000 guests - many of them Israeli backpackers.
Full story

More from Google News

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Passover History Section

A new Passover History section has been compiled in the passover site. Passover and the seder is all about recounting the story of the Jewish People leaving Egypt; to step back and review where we came from and the miracles that happened in the days long ago.

Check it out:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Passover Recipes Updated with Health Menu

Our popular Passover Recipes section contains a new Health Menu by Nechama Cohen from the EnLITEned Kosher Cooking cookbook:

You always had a reason to go hungry on Pesach - after all, no pizza, doughnuts and other fattening foods. But now there is a way to lose the the weight the healthy way!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Expanded Passover Audio

The Passover Audio section on Chabad.org has been updated with many new audio classes. To accomodate the new classes, the section has been broken into five new subsections:
  1. Preparing for Passover
  2. Insights
  3. Laws and Customs
  4. The Seder
  5. Shabbat Hagadol

Tip: Download this class to your iPod and listen while you clean for passover... :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Passover Study Center Expanded!

As we gear up towards the very busy Passover season, the focus of Chabad.org is of course on the Passover site.

You will see some new promos to the passover site throughout every page on the site.

The Passover study center was also expanded to include five new sections. This is a great read. Discover passover from all angles as passover approaches every so stealthfully.

This is in addition to the already existing:

Sit back, relax (from the passover cleaning), and enjoy Passover.net!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Purim Costume Contest Winners Posted

The Purim Costume Contest is over, and the winners for this year have been posted.

Click here to see the list of winners and what they got dressed up as. The rest of the information is also posted there.

I might add that it's a very nice group of winners. They all had great costumes! Congratulations!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Kids Passover Home Page

Chek out the new Kids Passover home page in the Kids Zone!

You have not just one but TWO contests, a special How-To geared for kids, Passover videos, stories, games, and many more areas to explore.

Get it here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chabad.org has a new look!

Two days ago a major design upgrade was released on Chabad.org! In it's most recent major revision since November 2005, the Chabad.org homepage received a major facelift. (If you are curious, see other versions here.)

Click here for the editor's note explaining the new look.

Some of the important changes in this upgrade include:
  • New home page panel/tab system
  • Site is center-aligned site-wide
  • New frame and updated banners
  • Main navigation changes
  • Ask the rabbi feature on the home page

The most significant upgrade was the introduction of the new panels/tabs. The idea behind this is that you will now be able to quickly view our newest and featured articles in the popular sections.

While a change like this may take some getting used to, we hope that it will help improve your Chabad.org experience!

Monday, March 05, 2007

JTA Feature

Check out this new article in the JTA about the Kids section on Chabad.org:

Click here.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Purim on Chabad.org!

Happy Purim, everyone!

By now, I am sure you have checked out our Purim megasite. Here are some sections and new items you may have missed:

To begin with something light, jump to some Funny Study.

Lot's of new Purim classes and lectures have added to the Jewish audio and video section. All these have been compiled together on the Purim site right here.

Itche Kadoozy returns in a fantactic new Purim episode.

Some new articles from the Purim Study Center:
This post would not be complete without a picture or two from the annual Chabad.org Family Purim Party!

The Chabad.org Future

Rabbi Kadoozy Entertains

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Purim Costume Contest in Full Swing

The Chabad.org Purim Costume Contest is in full swing once again for this year. There are many entries already, and many more to come as we approach Purim.

Check it out here to enter or even just to browse and vote.

Of course, with Purim coming up this Shabbat evening, don't forget to spend some time in Virtual Purim, our purim one-stop supersite. Learn what Purim is about in the Purim Story, find a local Purim event, check out what to do on Purim, and more.

Happy Purim!