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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A new section on Chabad.org is: Israel

For a Jew, the land of Israel is more than a place. It is a body for the soul of a people. As Yom Kippur is to the Jewish year, so Israel is to the Jewish space: a place to find where you began, where you belong and what you truly are. A Jew does not travel to Israel, s/he returns there.

What is this anomaly of the Jewish People and its land, this eternal bond that almost 2,000 years of exile has failed to sever? Discover—and uncover—where Israel is in the heart of a Jew, and where the Jewishness is within the heart of Israel.

This section has videos, images, history, interesting facts, insight, and visiting information for many places around the Land of Israel.

Get it all at www.chabad.org/Israel


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