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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hakhel - Gather the Nation

Hakhel - Gather the Nation

is a celebration of Jewish unity. The holiday’s primary mitzvah, sitting in the sukkah, is fulfilled collectively by family and friends. The other mitzvah unique to Sukkot, taking the Four Kinds, symbolizes the intrinsic unity of the (externally) diverse segments of our nation.

This Sukkot, however, the focus on Jewish unity is further accentuated. This year is “Hakhel,” when in ancient times all the Jews -- men, women and children -- would assemble in the Holy Temple on Sukkot and listen as the Jewish king inspired the nation to fear G-d and observe His Mitzvot.

Contact your local Chabad center and find out where and when there will be a Sukkot Hakhel event in your area. Let us join together, let us rejoice together. As the Psalmist writes, “Behold, how beautiful and pleasant it is for brothers to sit together!”

Wishing you and yours an uplifting, joyous and unifying holiday.


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