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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Section: Economy - Surviving and surmounting the current financial crunch


Due to the continuing economic crisis which is unfortunately first and foremost on so many people’s minds these days, Chabad.org has launched a special Economy Section devoted to presenting the Jewish perspective on the difficult situation.

This site includes: Several specially produced videos and animations, embedded into the section’s homepage; numerous inspirational articles on the topics of money, the economy, and coping with difficult times, including a selection of letters from the Rebbe on the topic; a section on tzedakah, with emphasis on giving during hard times, and a folder with timely stories.

A special feature of this section is the practical tips section, containing both suggestions submitted by our readers, as well as articles penned by experts.

We also have greeting cards created specifically for tough financial times.

Click here to visit this new section.


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