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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rabbinical Students on the Loose

Roving Rabbis

What is it like to be an air-traffic controller?

A video-game tester?

An x-ray technician for zoo animals?

A taster for a chocolate factory?

Ah, if only all the holders of unusual job titles and doers of unusual things had blogs so we could get the inside scoop.

Luckily, a cadre of these rare individuals are stepping into the breach, providing a window into their world. Who are these folk?

Job title: Roving Rabbi.

Job description: Rabbinical students are paired up two-by-two by Lubavitch World Headquarters, and hit the road. Armed with kosher food, idealism, and humor, they fan out across continents and visit Jews in thousands of communities.

What's it like? Read all about it. Blog posts are supplied by rovers worldwide, from Croatia to the Caribbean.

P.S. The number one reason to check it out--there are pictures!


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