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Monday, October 27, 2008

Stick Figure Vignettes

We have launched a new animated series called “Stick Figure Vignettes.”

Here’s what the series’ creator Dovid Taub had to say about it: "Watch it. A lot. It’s funny. And weird. I’m actually not sure I completely get them myself, but I like watching stick figures react to things. Supposedly I’m teaching deep concepts of Jewish philosophy in a whimsical and ironic fashion. I hope that’s true.

"There’s gonna be one for each parshah, so this first one is about creation. Or a little stick dude on the subway. Either way, it’s like 45 seconds less time you spent doing whatever it is you would have been doing instead of watching cartoons on chabad.org. Oh, and it's for grown ups. Cuz sometimes there are long pauses and stuff that I put there for comedic timing purposes that adults would find funny but kids might just get up and walk away."

First Episode - The Creator
Second Episode - Words


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