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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rabbi David B. Hollander

Rabbi David B. Hollander
In time for the end of the thirtieth day of mourning period of Rabbi David B. Hollander, our very own Dovid Zaklikowski wrote an article about Rabbi Hollander on the Chabad-Lubavitch News site: Rabbi David B. Hollander, Defender of Jewish Faith and Practice, Passes Away

A video was also posted: Rabbi Hollander Speaks the "Language of Lubavitch"

Here are two additional videos on the Rebbe site, in partnership with Jewish Educational Media, from the Living Torah series.

The first is of Rabbi Hollander receiving a dollar from the Rebbe where the Rebbe speaks to him about an article he wanted to write: Communicating for History

And in the second Rabbi Hollander describes an audience he had with the Rebbe when he wanted to retire from his position as Rabbi at the Hebrew Alliance synagogue: “A Rabbi for Life”


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