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Monday, March 09, 2009

Purim and the Surprisingly United Nation

"There is one nation," Haman declared to King Ahasuerus, "scattered and dispersed between the nations . . . if it pleases the King, let it be written that they be annihilated." The wicked Haman wished to capitalize on (what he perceived to be) the Jews' lack of unity, a byproduct of their global dispersion.

How wrong he was. The Jewish People united in prayer and resolve, and a miraculous victory soon followed. To this day, we celebrate Purim by strengthening Jewish unity -- charity to the poor, food gifts to friends, and large celebratory feasts. (There are more Purim and pre-Purim observances. Check them out in our Purim guide.)

We may live on different continents and speak different languages, but as Jews, we are one -- one G-d and one Torah.

In that spirit, we offer you Purim in:

English: Purim
Français: Pourim
Deutsch: Purim
Español: Purim
Русский: Пурим
עברית: פורים

Many languages. One message.

L'chaim (that’s a universal word...)!

Happy Purim to you and yours!


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