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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live Siyumim Online

It is customary to participate in a "siyum" celebrating the completion of a section in Torah during the days that we mourn the Temple's destruction.

Chabad.org will be offering live siyumim, by a variety of well-known and dynamic speakers, throughout the Nine Days and will continue until the 15th of Av--the holiday which celebrates the "upward rebound" from Tisha b'Av.

The Rebbe spoke of the need to shine a beacon of light on these days of darkness through participation in a siyum, and encouraged the use of radio to allow those outside the room to participate too, multiplying the a thousand-fold.

The siyumim will begin at 7 p.m. EST Sunday through Thursday, Friday at 12PM, and on Motzei Shabbos at 10:15 pm EST. They will also be accessible in archived form.

Click here to participate in the online siyumim.


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